Dimension (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m2)
Width: Up to 260 cm
Length: As required by the customer
2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 300-1800

We can customize the goods according to the customer needs.

Cutting Machine

We can adjust the standard size of the sheet as required by the customers at affordable prices.

Fair value

We offer fair prices.


We offer a variety of goods with available stocks for prompt delivery.


We deliver fast and in time by using the reliable transportation system of Success Group.


We provide consultations on usage and development of properties for the corrugated plastic board to meet the customer requirements, including plastic board for agricultural industry and plastic board for food packaging.

Stationeries, Instructional Media, Stationery Work, and Premiums

Variety of the goods and 14 colors shades available, lightweight, strong, durable, portable, and suitable for various types of creative media work

Screen Printing and Advertising Media

Continuous development results in the corrugated plastic board which is smooth, solid, flexible, lightweight, cuttable, and foldable, hence suitable for advertising work and print media. Also, the use of Corona Treatment technology makes the corrugated plastic board even more perfect for difficult printing work.

Automotive, Electronic, Food and Agricultural and Other Industrial Packaging

With the lightweight but strong property of the corrugated plastic board which is better than paper and wood, the corrugated plastic board is suitable for application with the packaging work. It seems that the automotive, electronics and food sector are interested in using more corrugated plastic board in the future. We have the consulting team and design team available for development of the products to meet a variety of the customer needs.