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  • Description
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With the strong foundation of manufacturing of corrugated sheets and vinyl import for years, we understand the raw materials, leading to the perfect provision of complete advertising and media printing.


We print and produce a variety of screen printing works, including tablecloth screen printing and PP board screen printing. Our screen printing is uniquely beautiful with high resolution and durability. The quality of our works can be guaranteed by extensively experienced printing technicians, professional team and modern screen printing machines. We have thousands of large and small customers who entrust their works with us.


Inkjet Outdoor is used for outdoor advertising work as it requires high resistance to the environment. The inkjet outdoor work can last 1-2 years.
As the inkjet outdoor work is remote advertising, the resolution is lower than the inkjet indoor. Currently, we offer 720 DPI and 1440 DPI resolution.

720DPI Inkjet Outdoor is suitable for the work that requires 10 meters of viewing or more or large bill boards. The cost of this type of work is cheaper.

1440DPI Inkjet Outdoor is suitable for the work that requires 2 meters of viewing or more or medium-sized signboards in front of the shops or in the buildings.

Inkjet Indoor is used for indoor works that requires 30-100 centimeters of viewing, so it requires high resolution, colorful work. However, the limitation is that the inkjet indoor needs coating.

UV Inkjet is used for both indoor and outdoor advertising work with high resistance to outdoor environment. This UV Inkjet work can last for 0.5-1.5 years depending on the place of installation or quality of materials and printing ink. UV Printing is the direct printing on the material surface utilizing ultraviolet (UV) light to dry or cure ink.

UV Inkjet

Hybrid system – The machine will move the materials on conveyor belt. It can print on both fold and sheet materials.

Flatbed system – The machine focuses on flat sheet materials only. It is the table on which the material is placed, hence suitable for flat sheet materials.


The durable advertising media which is easy to fold and keep in the bag for convenient transport. It is offered with X-shaped legs. Rollup has only one leg.


The standing advertising media comprised of legs. It can be used both outdoor and indoor.


The advertising in the form of tablecloth in restaurants to raise brand awareness or product awareness. It is made of heat and cold resistant materials to prevent scratches.


The advertising that creates unique characteristics of the products. It can be fixed on various types of materials and consists of both permanent and removable adhesion.


The advertising signboard which is stretched or hung at the shops or restaurants. It is made of heat and cold resistant materials and installed by experienced technicians.


Suitable for promoting the products at the booth.
Kiosk can be installed together with the booth equipment which enhances effectiveness of your product display.

Tent card

The lightweight table advertising which is easy to assemble, suitable for display with the quality of short-distance media. It can be made to be visible from one side or two sides. Mostly, it is made on traangualr shape like a calendar.


The advertising that is printed on the materials with direct or circle or triangular die-cut. Then, it is sown with rope for tying or hanging in front of the shops or general places for decoration. It is beautiful and durable for both outdoor and indoor purpose.

PPB Poster

The advertising signboard that indicates the product details with images. It can be die-cut in various shapes and sizes or fixed as pop-up to increase uniqueness and attract more customers.


The lightweight advertising signboard which can be easily moved for introducing the products. It can be die-cut in human, animal or other shapes and can be installed on the ground at the actual height to attract customers.


We listen to your needs and provide consultations that meet the customer requirements as much as practical.

Design, Production, and Development Process

We collaboratively plan the production, design and develop ideas with the expert team to ensure that the customers receive the work which is suitable for use and within the determined budget. In addition, the sample work will be presented before production to prevent errors during the production.


We select quality materials that suit the customer work as much as possible.

Modern Machinery

We manufacture with modern machines and have the maximum capacity with certified standard of quality.


We deliver fast and in time by using the reliable transportation system of Success Group.