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  • Additional Information

– We can produce at the maximum width of 105 cm and length as required by the customers.
– The thickness can be customized from 150 microns to 1200 microns.
– The products are available in sheets or kilograms depending on the quantities required by the customers.
– The minimum MOQ is 500 kg/time.
– Types of surfaces include rough sand pattern, fine sand pattern, glass pattern, straight line or slanting line pattern.

With the above unique properties, PP Solid Sheet is suitable for various kinds of application, including print materials, supportive materials in automotive industry and accessories, furniture industry, electronic industry, stationaries (clear folder), premium decoration, etc.


We listen to your needs and provide consultations that meet the customer requirements as much as practical.

Design, Production, and Development Process

We collaboratively plan the production, design and develop ideas with the expert team to ensure that the customers receive the work which is suitable for use and within the determined budget. In addition, the sample work will be presented before production to prevent errors during the production.

Colour Matching

We provide colour matching service according to the customer request, so our colour matching uses trial and error method to achieve the common results.

Modern Machinery

We manufacture with modern machines and have the maximum capacity with certified standard of quality.


We deliver fast and in time by using the reliable transportation system of Success Group.